Freeboard Technology understands there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every environmental challenge.

We sort through the options and tailor a solution for you.

Your unique environment comes with unique challenges, and Freeboard Technology has the expertise to create smart solutions tailored for you. We are experts at using sensors to gather environmental intelligence and deliver actionable data for your organization. We handle all aspects of the sensor lifecycle, ensuring we’re optimizing the process as a whole.

Read on and reach out to see how Freeboard can apply these smart services to your project.


Freeboard Technology focuses on our partners and clients to create a suite of environmental sensors to address their data needs. Our substantial experience with environmental sensors allows us to source the appropriate sensors to create custom solutions. We can create individual stations, or entire monitoring networks.


Freeboard Technology, through parent company LimnoTech, has deployed and maintained environmental sensors for decades, including maintaining the largest private network of monitoring buoys in the Great Lakes region. Freeboard understands the functions and intricacies of the sensors to ensure that deployment provides accurate, reliable, and actionable data. Installation and deployment  support is available for all of the sensors that we sell.


Periodic cleaning and calibration is required to keep sensors operating properly. Freeboard Technology has experience cleaning, calibrating, and operating a range of environmental sensors. We understand that not every organization has the expertise and we are here to help. We are focused on the challenges that come with the environment, ensuring that we mitigate concerns such as biofouling and corrosion before they affect the quality of sensor data. Freeboard Technology has experience with a wide variety of sensors, and can maintain your sensor networks for you, even if you didn’t get them from us.


Freeboard Technology has created a rich ecosystem of data management, collecting and forwarding remote data from hundreds of sensors using satellite, LoRaWAN, and cellular to consolidated data dashboards. Our abilities include management of cloud data, usages of APIs, creation of custom scripts, and engineering user-friendly data dashboards for simplified interaction with data. We can help get your data where you need it, when you need it.