Smart Buoys. Smart People.
Smart Investments in
Monitoring Technology.

At Freeboard, we’re building the smart and connected water networks of the future that are needed to address today’s problems.

Environmental monitoring requires high-tech equipment, skilled technicians, and online data systems. 

Our engineers and scientists design, build, deploy, and maintain state-of-the-art sensing systems that meet the challenging demands of lakes, rivers, wetlands, coasts and oceans.  


Our technology includes accurate and reliable sensors, low power microprocessors, solar power systems, and cutting-edge wireless radios that instantly transmit observations to the cloud. Our suite of technology options are cost efficient, scalable, and designed to survive in harsh environmental conditions.


Quality environmental monitoring requires skilled technicians to install and maintain sensors in harsh conditions.  Our scientists and engineers can support initial planning, network design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.  We offer a range of field support services, remote support, and on-site tech transfer.


Ready access to environmental sensor data through robust cloud-hosted services is available for all Freeboard sensors. Public station pages, private organization accounts, open application interfaces (api), and user-created dashboards are some of the features available.

A Fresh Approach to Water Intelligence

Freeboard Technology is building smarter environmental sensor networks for lakes, rivers, estuaries, and wetlands that blend proven and emerging technology to monitor and forecast environmental conditions. Our team has the experience to design, build, deploy, and maintain a network of complex sensors and integrate data and intelligence from satellites, high-resolution models, and cutting-edge research.